Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012: Are YOU Ready for a Change?

Cameron Diaz
Katy Perry
Does a New Year make you long for a “new you”? 

It appears to make a lot of celebrities feel that way – nine high-profile, headline-worthy bold-faced names changed their hair color, cut their hair, or did both. 

Michelle Williams
Miley Cyrus
Some were subtle changes; others daring, or downright shocking, depending on your sense of propriety. 

Olivia Wilde
Some are definite improvements (the removal of tired extensions, for example), but not all are for the better. 

Selena Gomez
Rather than go through them one by one and give you our opinion as we usually do, we’d like YOUR opinions first. 

Would you dye your hair blue? Would you cut off a foot of hair? 

Would you remove your extensions when everyone’s known you to have long hair for years, or add colored extensions for an edgy look? 

Kim Kardashian
Jessica Biel
Would you cut bangs to change your look for 2012? 

Would you go blonder, tone down your blonde, go darker, go a little red or stop trying to stay red, change the color of your highlights, or even try dip-dying? 

Dakota Fanning
Let us know what you think of what Cameron, Miley, Selena, Dakota, Katy, Olivia, Michelle, Kim, and Jessica all did in just four short weeks, whose hair you like, love and/or hate, and whose hair you’d like to replicate. 

We look forward to what you have to say, and then we’ll tell you what WE think next week!

Until then, ciao!  

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