Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Preview of 2012: Boho Chic

As an Intercoiffure Salon, we attend many of their Atelier events and see some very exciting work that will be influencing cuts and colors many months before they ever show up on fashion runways, in magazine editorials, or on the streets. 

Intercoiffure’s Fashion Director is the world-famous Vivienne Mackinder, a consistently award-winning conceptual stylist and colorist who is considered “The Hairdresser’s Hairdresser.” Her latest work, which she calls “Boho Chic,” is absolutely gorgeous, unlike the hairstyles one usually sees at symposia and shows for hair professionals, where the more outrageous and over-the-top, the better. 

Every model in these photographs could have walked right out onto the street, and the only stares would have been those of envy from women, and appreciation from men – not stares of “what happened to her??” or comments like, “she needs to wash that off!”
Ms. Mackinder’s look for 2012 is all about texture, which is reflected in everything from the hairstyles to the haircolors to the clothes she dressed them in to the makeup they are wearing. Both their hair and clothes are full of movement and softness. 

And like the many layers of clothing, you also see layers of hair and hairpieces (in braids, curls, and waves) and colors (multi-tonal highlights, pale pinks, watercolor tones like violets and turquoise).Yet everything is classy and nothing is overdone. Nothing is slick; everything is soft and touchable. Even when the hair is down, there is a lot of waves and curls. 

When it is pushed back off the face, often with a braid or a twist of hair worn like a headband across the forehead, you can see the makeup has the same softness and watercolor tones and textures in the tinges of yellow, turquoise, blue and violet. 

Nothing is overpowering or too strong, just like the hairstyles and colors. It all flows together like a beautiful collage, and the makeup simply finishes it all off beautifully. 

Unlike many fashion trends, this Boho Chic look is a little covered up and leaves something to the imagination, at a time when so many women tend to overdo it. 

This is all so wearable, in public, at a party. These looks are eye catching, but WOW eye-catching, because they really are different amd very beautiful. 

Any woman is going to look stunning in these combinations of cut, color, makeup, and fashion. The organic, nature-inspired quality will be very popular in 2012, and we’re looking forward to adapting these looks for our clients.

Welcome to 2012, and until next week, ciao!

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