Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It’s Never Too Hot for Style

AnnaLynne McCord
Melina Kankaredes
When it’s this hot, many women look at their usual heat styling tools…and then put them away. It’s hard to work up much enthusiasm when the heat of the dryer itself makes you start to sweat around the hair you just dried. Rather than fighting it, summer is the time of year when you should make the most of your hair’s natural texture. 

Meg Ryan
I can tell you that the men in your office will all comment when they find out that a mass of sexy waves were hiding under your carefully blown and flat-ironed style. And your significant other will love that “bed head,” too. The trick to skipping the heat tools and going right for the texture is the use of the right conditioner and conditioning products, especially if you have curly hair.

Keri Russell
Taylor Swift
Wearing your curly hair in its natural state, like AnnaLynne McCord, Melina Kankaredes, Meg Ryan, Shakira, Keri Russell, and Taylor Swift, requires the use of a great moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I recommend my D Laudati Delizioso Shampoo and Conditioner, or Aquage Silkening Shampoo and Conditioner. To keep the curl looking natural and moist, I recommend a leave-in product like D Laudati Liscio to redefine curl and get rid of frizziness. It really stops the moisture from getting in, and makes the curl look longer instead of dry and tight. Another great product is Aquage Curl Defining Cream, which enhances curl definition without increasing hold or volume. Both of these leave-in products leave hair soft, supple, and natural-feeling.

Blake Lively
Kate Beckinsale
For those whose natural texture is more of a subtle wave or bend to the hair, loose up-dos, ponytails, braids, chignons, ballerina buns, and headbands are all great ways to control the hair yet provide some style.  

Mila Kunis
Jennifer Lopez
Blake Lively, Kate Beckinsale, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lopez, and Scarlett Johanssen all show off that combination of texture and low-maintenance style. 

Scarlett Johanssen
Victoria Beckham
The other option is a cut that makes the most of your texture and is air-dried and hand-styled, like Victoria Beckham’s pixie or Vanessa Hudgen’s layered shag.  

Vanessa Hudgens
What you’ll notice about all of these beautiful women is that they are wearing makeup. It is especially important to pay attention to your brows and your makeup when you “go natural,” especially if you have a head full of curls. If you overlook makeup with all that curl, you are overwhelmed by the hair. You need to balance it out -- just a little lipstick, blush, and mascara, but most definitely the eyebrows. 

With all of these natural looks, the idea is to have it appear you did it casually without much thought. That’s what gives a sexy appeal to it, and shows your confidence in your approach. 

Until next week, ciao!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Taking Wing with Feather Extensions

At Alexix Mabille's Paris show
They were featured at the Fall 2011 Couture Shows in Paris. They’ve sparked a war between the fly fishing industry and the fashion industry (I am not joking). Big name fashion stylists have already started creating theirs for Fashion’s Night Out in September, so it’s a trend that hasn’t begun to reach its peak. What am I talking about? Hair feathering, or what most of my clients ask for, feather extensions.

Miley Cyrus
It’s wildly popular right now, it’s an ornament, an accessory, one you can choose to put on for a day or an evening and then take out, or have applied like a cold fusion extension that you can wear for months and wash, style, curl, or flatiron as you would any hair extension.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Some of my clients come in a want to make a major statement, choosing a combination of bright colors like pinks, turquoise, chartreuse, and parrot green, combined with the natural patterned feathers, especially the long striped ones (they are rooster hackles, actually). 

Lauren Hutton
Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Lauren Hutton all chose a combination of bright colors and naturally patterned feathers.

Heidi Klum
Hilary Duff
Some opt for a more subtle look, matching the feathers more closely to the shade of their hair so that they look more like exotic highlights, like Heidi Klum’s feathered ponytail, Hilary Duff, Roseanne Barr, and Selena Gomez.

Roseanne Barr
Selena Gomez
And some always need to attract attention, and feathers are just part of the mix: Paula Abdul’s feathered up-do, Kesha, and Steven Tyler, for example.

Paula Abdul
What’s also interesting to note is that feather extensions are being worn by everyone from teens to more mature women. It’s a trend that transcends age. It just takes the confidence to pull it off. 

Steven Tyler
And if you work in a conservative office, and the clip-on extensions are too temporary, you can always put a permanent extension or two deep in the hair where they only peek out at certain angles, and are your little secret. Like wearing lace undergarments under your business suit.

Until next week, ciao!  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Equal Time for Men...

Adrian Grenier
Many of our clients don’t think of it in these terms, but just as women use hair and makeup to enhance or camouflage features, men use hair styles and facial hair to do the same.  

Entourage star Adrian Grenier looks best with longer hair that makes use of his natural curls, so the longer look here is more flattering even though I’d like to see him with a bit more length. And the slight beard growth – the 5 o’clock shadow – gives him a rugged, more handsome look.

Ashton Kutcher
I do suggest, for many of my male clients, the addition of a moustache and a goatee when we want to disguise a weak chin or a too-thin upper lip, or to add balance to the face. Facial hair on men is really just like makeup for women.

Brad Pitt
New Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher’s shaggy beard does nothing for him except to disguise how handsome he really is. Just by changing his hair and wearing a little shadow of beard, he looks masculine without having to resort to the uneven growth on his cheeks and jawline. He looks sophisticated, not younger.

David Beckham
Brad Pitt is a great example of how sometimes grey can really age a person. This is not always the case, but for him, when you see these side-by-side images, the difference is plain to see and quite drastic. Other actors, like George Clooney, wear their grey proudly. Brad still looks much better when he cultivates that “golden god” look. 
Gerard Butler
Footballer David Beckham is another example of how a bit of 5 o’clock shadow is terribly masculine and handsome, and a beard is just awful. Grooming is everything for this new father. 

Jake Gyllenhaal
Big and burly Gerard Butler is a great example of a man who exudes the raw confidence to wear whatever he wishes and pulls it off. He has a face that looks good with the beard, without it, with the shadow, hair swept back, hair on the forehead – he even makes this modified “mullet” look good.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s looks are a bit boyish, so it’s a shock to see how heavy a beard he grows! He has a very long facial shape, and this heavy, full beard exaggerates it. He has a wonderful thick head of hair and it looks good a bit longer, but all he needs is the bit of scruff in the left-hand shot, or a moustache at most. 

Jason Momoa
Up-and-coming Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones has the facial structure to carry off virtually any hairstyle and facial hair. I must note here that my wife Marianne insisted that he be included in this column, and I generously agreed. The shot on the left is Jason with a tremendous amount of facial hair, the center shot is how he looks in his daily life, and the shot on the right is from the upcoming remake of Conan the Barbarian. With a bone structure this strong, and such striking looks, we could shave his head and women would still swoon. 

Jon Hamm
MadMen star Jon Hamm has grown a rather heavy beard in the off season, but I prefer him clean-shaven and with his hair swept back a la Don Draper. He has a great, strong jaw and a very masculine look, and the facial hair does nothing to enhance his looks. If he’s just tired of looking like the show’s character, I’d suggest a moustache and perhaps wearing his hair pushed forward a bit. But no beard.

Kellan Lutz
Twilight saga star Kellan Lutz, like so many actors, is required to change hair color frequently for roles. Here we see him with Twilight-dark locks, curly and straight, and as a very golden blonde. It would appear he has very tight natural curls, I think the lighter hair is more flattering, and it’s nice to see an actor his age remain clean-shaven when he has such a chiseled face instead of hiding behind a scraggly beard.

Pete Wentz
Celebrities play a very important role for us outside the theater – with their constantly changing looks, we are allowed to critique what they’ve done, and perhaps entertain the idea of making the same drastic changes to our hair color or style, grow it longer or cut it shorter. We use them as references to take chances with ourselves, because we’re playing with something that is interchangeable. We can take the same chance, and if we don’t like it, we can change it back, grow it out, or cut it off. And it’s entirely possible that we may find that we should have made the change much sooner! 
Robert Pattinson
Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz decided to go au natural after years of flat ironing some very, very curly hair. The style itself is too round and dated.  I would recommend a smoothing treatment for the top, which should be a little longer, and would keep the sides and back very short. But he’s stopped fighting nature, and that’s to be commended. He looks 100% better.

Rupert Grint
The Twilight saga’s brooding vampire leading man, Robert Pattinson, surprised us with such a heavy growth of beard, but it’s way too much. He’d look older and sexier with a moustache and perhaps a goatee; there’s no need to hide his enviable looks behind that much landscaping. 

Sean Bean
Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint apparently tired of the endless cycle of premieres and interviews, and gave up on the grooming altogether. The shot on the left is at the first premiere; the one on the right the most recent. I’m calling his latest look “Freedom.”

Game of Thrones star Sean Bean certainly cleans up well, although his medieval look for the show is not a great leap from his daily look; he’s simply better groomed and wearing a more fashionable hair style and less facial hair. 

Zac Efron
Newly minted adult actor Zac Efron is a perfect example of how the right haircut and facial hair can add maturity to your look. At age 23, without the longer hair and groomed moustache and beard, he looks as if he’s yet to graduate high school.

The most important thing is that no matter what kind of haircut, haircolor, or facial hair you choose, what makes the difference is your character and your confidence. If you are sporting something you don’t feel too confident about, it doesn’t really matter how great your cut, color, or facial hair – you’re going to look uncomfortable and people will feel that. If you are confident in how you look and the choices you’ve made – even if you're the only one wearing that look -- people are going to think you look great. After all, new trends have to be started by someone!

Until next week, ciao!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everyone Loves a ‘Cinderella’ Moment: Celebrities Make Drastic Changes…Should You?

AnnaLynne McCord
Everyone loves makeovers and transformations – it’s what we call the “Cinderella” complex. Every woman hopes to find that one hairstylist who will tell her “I know exactly what you need, and I will make you look the best you will EVER look.” This is why we record Oprah when she’s doing a makeover show, and why we grab the glossies off the shelf at the grocery store when they promise a “makeover issue.” This week, we’re inviting YOU to give us your opinion on these following celebrity transformations – whose is best, whose is only mediocre or maybe should have just left well enough alone, and whose was a failure. We’ll give ours, then you can comment! 

Actor AnnaLynne McCord has some of the most naturally beautiful hair on television, thick, healthy, naturally curly, and believably highlighted. But lately she’s taken to straightening all that crowning glory, and now she’s colored it a deep shade of ash brown for a role. AnnaLynne, as soon as the shooting stops, go back to your own beautiful hair immediately. 

Dianna Agron
On the positive side, we really like what Ciara’s done with her lengthy ebony extensions. The bangs make her look younger, and the chunky platinum streaks add a softer dimension, breaking up the “wiggy” feel of the long, center parted hair, and brighten her skin tone beautifully.

Glee’s Dianna Agron is beautiful enough to carry off most any style, but this bob’s color is brassy and lacks the dimension her longer style had. It was much richer and multi-dimensional, bringing out her skin tones. Her new color washes her out. If she intends to keep the bob, she needs to get back to see her colorist for some high- and low-lights, stat.  
Emma Stone

Emma Stone has gone back to red after a long flirtation with a few shades of very pale blonde, and we say “brava!” Red is much better for her, it makes her skin look more alive and glowing, and brings out the green in her eyes. She’s lovely as a blonde, but the red is just so much better.

Evan Rachel Wood
True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood, whose new crop we debuted in last week’s blog, looks even better when viewed side-by-side with her previous hairstyle. Her new color is more flattering and richer, the cut really highlights her fabulous cheekbones, and her makeup has been adjusted to go with her new color and cut. 

Fergie has gone from blonde to very dark brown to a lighter brown with highlights and now back to blonde again. She is very partial to the center part, but notice how the side part in her “before” picture really softens her look. I prefer her with some curls and the side part to add the softness she needs to balance out a wide forehead, but blonde is the better color for her. It is her childhood color, and it works best with her skin tones. The brunette colors all made her look washed out, although she could have countered that by changing her makeup.

Hayden Panetierre
Hayden Panetierre was growing out a cropped pixie, and decided to speed up the process by adding some very brassy blonde extensions with no dimension. Often, extensions can help damaged hair look healthier, but we’re seeing the opposite effect here. Her single-process color looks damaged, almost as if she’d done her color at home. And she needs a cut with some softness around the face, and some wisps or soft bangs to balance out her very high forehead, something shaggier and sexier that falls across her forehead and around her face. 

Isabel Lucas
Australian actor Isabel Lucas has managed to find a new haircolor that looks to be almost the same color as her skin, which is not flattering – it washes her out terribly. She looked better as a brunette, although she desperately needed some hairstyling. She has a very long face, and both the old and new looks accentuate that. She needs a side part with a wisp or a side-swept bang to soften her look and bring out her features and soften her look.

Jordin Sparks
Singer Jordin Sparks’ straight style was perfectly fine, but her natural curls soften her look, make her look lighter and her face look slimmer. They make her look natural and like herself, instead of that flat-ironed out look everyone wears. 

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart’s transformation is not such a major one – she’s gone from a deep brown with a reddish undertone to a full-on auburn, and changed her part – but the difference is dramatic. The deep side part softens her slightly long face, and the auburn hair brings out the green in her hazel eyes. 

Malin Ackerman
Malin Ackerman is sexy as blonde, but her severely slicked-back red hair is a perfect example how a simple hairstyle can make you look older when that is not necessarily your intention. That aside, she did a good job of changing her makeup to match her hew haircolor. Not doing so is a classic mistake many women make – you must change your makeup and even the colors in your wardrobe when you change your haircolor.

Nicole Kidman
We’ve seen better of Nicole Kidman than either of these pictures, but we’re just grateful she’s gone back to being a redhead. She should always stay with her natural strawberry blonde color – nothing else has ever looked so good on her. That said, neither of these style do anything for her; the one on the left looks almost like a wig, and that bangs look like she did them herself at home and do not compliment her face. She needs to jump all the way in with the bangs, have them blended into the rest of the hair around her face. 

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is becoming a grown woman before the eyes of the world, and by cutting off the long, center-parted and flat-ironed hair, she’s freed herself to let her hair’s natural texture come through. It’s a more mature, softer, sexier look. She’s not trying to make her hair something that it’s not, and that says “confidence.”  It’s a bit much for her delicate face, but she’ll find her way.

Zoe Kravitz
Finally, rock-and-roll offspring Zoe Kravitz cut and colored her long black hair, and we like the lighter hair. It looks good both ways, but the shorter style, with the different color dimensions, feels summery and light rather than her very one-dimensional, very “wintery” old look. The lighter colors also bring out the exotic tones in her skin. 
The advantage you have with making a major transformation through haircolor is that if you don’t like it and just can’t get used to it, you can usually walk right back in to see your colorist and go back. But when you've gone from light to dark, you can't go back that easily.  It may require a series of visits to gradually return to a lighter color without damaging the hair.  That's why I always suggest that my clients looking for a major change try on some wigs to make sure they are going to like the color before they take a drastic step. 

Be sure to let us know which celebrities you think made the right choice, and which ones should head right back into the salon. We’re looking forward to your comments!

Until next week, ciao!