Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012: Are YOU Ready for a Change?

Cameron Diaz
Katy Perry
Does a New Year make you long for a “new you”? 

It appears to make a lot of celebrities feel that way – nine high-profile, headline-worthy bold-faced names changed their hair color, cut their hair, or did both. 

Michelle Williams
Miley Cyrus
Some were subtle changes; others daring, or downright shocking, depending on your sense of propriety. 

Olivia Wilde
Some are definite improvements (the removal of tired extensions, for example), but not all are for the better. 

Selena Gomez
Rather than go through them one by one and give you our opinion as we usually do, we’d like YOUR opinions first. 

Would you dye your hair blue? Would you cut off a foot of hair? 

Would you remove your extensions when everyone’s known you to have long hair for years, or add colored extensions for an edgy look? 

Kim Kardashian
Jessica Biel
Would you cut bangs to change your look for 2012? 

Would you go blonder, tone down your blonde, go darker, go a little red or stop trying to stay red, change the color of your highlights, or even try dip-dying? 

Dakota Fanning
Let us know what you think of what Cameron, Miley, Selena, Dakota, Katy, Olivia, Michelle, Kim, and Jessica all did in just four short weeks, whose hair you like, love and/or hate, and whose hair you’d like to replicate. 

We look forward to what you have to say, and then we’ll tell you what WE think next week!

Until then, ciao!  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Golden Globes: The Low-Down on the Up-Do

Emma Stone/Getty Images
The 2012 Golden Globe Awards were practically an homage to the art of the up-do; if we had to guess, we’d say there were more celebrities with their hair up than down. And among the up-dos, the most popular version was the low bun, or as one of my clients put it, “the low-down up-do.”

Charlize Theron/Getty Images
It is a very popular style right now for formal events, because it has a softness that is casual yet elegant, and there is a simplicity to it so that it never feels “overdone.” 

Jessica Alba/Getty Images
Of course, achieving that casual elegance takes a lot of work! Our favorites were Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, and Kate Winslet.

Then there were the high up-dos, with the absolute pinnacle of the evening embodied by Angelina Jolie

Kate Winslet/Getty Images
She was just breathtaking in every element of her look, from the high chignon, to the strong red lip and understated eye makeup, to the Atelier Versace gown. Perfection.   

Other high up-dos we loved were Kate Beckinsale, and Miss Golden Globe, model/actress Andie MacDowell’s daughter, Rainey Qualley. What a lovely young lady!

As we always point out, what makes a hairstyle work isn’t just a hairstyle. It’s the total package, and never more so than at events of this nature – it’s almost a whole change of personality. You’re trying to look your very best, and with the gown and the shoes and the jewelry and the hair, you have to pay just as much attention to your makeup. 

Angelina Jolie/Getty Images
Angelina plays by the classic rule: strong lip and soft eye, or like Emma Stone, strong eye and soft lip. If you make the mistake of applying strong color to both features, the eye doesn’t know where to focus, especially given all of those other elements. You’re like a recipe with too many ingredients, and with no focal point, you’re more of a disaster than a feast for the eyes.

Kate Beckinsale/Getty Images
We have to say that as a group overall, everyone looked much better at this year’s Golden Globes than last year. 

Andie MacDowell and daughter Rainey Qualley, Miss Golden Globe
Yes, there were some missteps, but they were definitely the exception. And we’re sure that with every fashion magazine, entertainment TV show, and blog weighing in with their opinion, those who made poor choices will look much better at the next awards show – after all, the Golden Globes are the opening act for the entire award show season.

Until next week, ciao!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Top 10 Styles We Loved in 2011

Keira Knightly
Jennifer Anniston
1. THE BEAUTIFUL BOB: As exemplified by Keira Knightly and Jennifer Anniston, this classic cut is so versatile and has so many variations that it looks different on every woman who wears it. Whether chin-length or a “lob,” the bob is here to stay, and for good.

2. THE BIG BANG THEORY: Bangs are sexy. Heavy fringe, wispy bits, sideswept, graduated – it doesn’t matter. 
Kelly Rowland
Mischa Barton
Bangs are sexy, and bring attention right to the eyes. Kelly Rowland and Mischa Barton are both beautiful, but those bangs just transform them.

3. THE ‘DO THAT WON'T DIE: It’s long, it’s shiny, it’s parted in the center, and it’s straight. 

Demi Moore
Cat Deeley
This was Jennifer Anniston before she moved herself into another category, Demi Moore, and Cat Deeley. They may sometimes allow a bit of curl, an off-center part, or even wear it up, but 99% of the time, it’s down and flowing.

4. THE RETURN OF CURLS: 2011 was the year calling all curly girls to set down the flat iron and come out to play. 

AnnaLynn McCord
Taylor Swift
With so many fantastic products on the market now to help handle curly hair without weighing it down, making it crunchy, and keeping the curls in condition while eliminating frizz, it didn’t have to be a secret any longer. 

AnnaLynn McCord and Taylor Swift are examples of fabulous curl-girls who wear their hair straight, too. How wonderful to be able to have the best of both worlds.

Alexa Ray Joel
Blake Lively
5. THE CHIGNON (THE BUN): The sheer variety of chignons we saw on celebrities and on the fashion runways was amazing! At one end of the spectrum, Alexa Ray Joel wears the classic ballerina bun, and at the other, Blake Lively’s low chignon was all modern texture.

6. HOLLYWOOD RETRO: The award show season and movie premieres always seems to bring out someone’s “Hollywood Retro” tendencies. 

Jessica Chastain
Evan Rachel Wood
Whether it’s Veronica Lake’s deep side part, swooping bang and curled ends on Jessica Chastain,  or the finger-waved bang on Evan Rachel Wood’s usually punky crop, new Hollywood never forgets the classics.   

7. THE PONY TAIL: It was high, it was low, it was messy, it was controlled – and it was everywhere, not just the gym. 

Marchesa's runway
Our favorites were the highs and lows, shown here on Fergie and the runway at Marchesa, respectively.

8. THE HALF-DOWN UP-DO: This style has always been a personal favorite – like bangs, it is an inherently sexy, just-rolled-out-of-bed look that seems artlessly undone, even though it takes a lot of work to make it look so haphazard. 

Anna Paquin
Proenza Schuler
No surprise that it’s a favorite style of Angelina Jolie. Here, Anna Paquin wears hers with a bit more control than they did on the Proenza Schuler runway.

9. BOHO BRAIDS: There were celebrities sporting braids in 2011 than any kindergarten playground.  Braided bangs, mini braids, fishtails, braided up-dos…you name it. 

Rag & Bone runway
Alexander McQueen
We particularly like the braids on display on the Rag & Bone and Alexander McQueen runways as exemplifying how the style is now quite grown up.

10. THE SEXY PIXIE: There were plenty of pixies to pick from in 2011, but the haircut heard round the world was Emma Watson’s snip after she wrapped the last “Harry Potter” film. 

Emma Watson
Ginnifer Goodwin
She went from bookish, shaggy ‘tween Hermione to sexy young woman Emma, landing a contract with Lancome. Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie was another game-changer, transforming her from the pretty young third wife of a polygamist on HBO’s “Big Love” to a sexy, green-eyed siren.

Now that you’ve seen the top ten trends we loved during 2011, we want to know what inspires you to change your own trends? Do think you may do something different in 2012? Leave a comment and let us know if you’re contemplating transformation!

Until next week, ciao…

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Preview of 2012: Boho Chic

As an Intercoiffure Salon, we attend many of their Atelier events and see some very exciting work that will be influencing cuts and colors many months before they ever show up on fashion runways, in magazine editorials, or on the streets. 

Intercoiffure’s Fashion Director is the world-famous Vivienne Mackinder, a consistently award-winning conceptual stylist and colorist who is considered “The Hairdresser’s Hairdresser.” Her latest work, which she calls “Boho Chic,” is absolutely gorgeous, unlike the hairstyles one usually sees at symposia and shows for hair professionals, where the more outrageous and over-the-top, the better. 

Every model in these photographs could have walked right out onto the street, and the only stares would have been those of envy from women, and appreciation from men – not stares of “what happened to her??” or comments like, “she needs to wash that off!”
Ms. Mackinder’s look for 2012 is all about texture, which is reflected in everything from the hairstyles to the haircolors to the clothes she dressed them in to the makeup they are wearing. Both their hair and clothes are full of movement and softness. 

And like the many layers of clothing, you also see layers of hair and hairpieces (in braids, curls, and waves) and colors (multi-tonal highlights, pale pinks, watercolor tones like violets and turquoise).Yet everything is classy and nothing is overdone. Nothing is slick; everything is soft and touchable. Even when the hair is down, there is a lot of waves and curls. 

When it is pushed back off the face, often with a braid or a twist of hair worn like a headband across the forehead, you can see the makeup has the same softness and watercolor tones and textures in the tinges of yellow, turquoise, blue and violet. 

Nothing is overpowering or too strong, just like the hairstyles and colors. It all flows together like a beautiful collage, and the makeup simply finishes it all off beautifully. 

Unlike many fashion trends, this Boho Chic look is a little covered up and leaves something to the imagination, at a time when so many women tend to overdo it. 

This is all so wearable, in public, at a party. These looks are eye catching, but WOW eye-catching, because they really are different amd very beautiful. 

Any woman is going to look stunning in these combinations of cut, color, makeup, and fashion. The organic, nature-inspired quality will be very popular in 2012, and we’re looking forward to adapting these looks for our clients.

Welcome to 2012, and until next week, ciao!