Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Ladies of Venice and Toronto: Film Festival Highlights (No Pun Intended)

Kate Winslet
Sometimes we wonder what it must be like for these stars to go from festival to festival, from film premiere to premiere, with trunks of dresses and gowns for the daytime photo ops and the evening screenings and all the other appearances they must do to promote a film. Sometimes we feel a bit jealous, but how many of us could handle the constant criticisms of the fashion and entertainment media  that goes with the fame?  That said, I always try to offer constructive criticism in my blogs to help every woman who reads them learn from the triumphs and stumbles of the stars we love to watch and apply what they learn to improving their own fashion image.

 At the Venice Film Festival, many of the fashion columns thought Kate Winslet looked absolutely gorgeous with this high-fashion bouffant ponytail and minimalist makeup, but we think she looks a bit washed out. The hairstyle is great, but it elongates her face, and while she did break it up with very strong brows, she needed to do that again with a deeper-colored lip. She would have looked more polished and softer, her face less elongated. She forgot the rule: Strong eyes, soft lip; strong lip, soft eyes. Her eye makeup is almost non-existent, so she needed that strong lip. She should have talked to Madonna.

And speaking of Madge (as she is known in her adopted home of England), she did it all right. First, she just looks amazing for her age, showing no fear of standing in between her two twenty-something co-stars, and frankly looking fitter than both. She wore a bright, glossy red lip, and therefore minimal eye makeup – just loads of mascara. Her hair was perfect – beautiful golden blonde with plenty of tones and highlights, and a very “Old Hollywood” upswept front with loose curls cascading around her shoulders. A total hit. 

Gwyneth Paltrow, over her shoulder
Gwyneth, full frontal
Gwyneth Paltrow had her look down completely. What could have been a misfire (she’s done it before) with her blonde hair, pale complexion, and a pale blush-colored gown instead was spot-on. She’s gone much blonder and acquired a tan, so the dress doesn’t wash her out, and her makeup brought that out further with bronzer and a bright lip. Her only mistake, in our opinion, is that her brows are so pale that they’re practically invisible. 
Evan Rachel Wood, look 1
Evan Rachel Wood, look 2
Evan Rachel Wood has been a very busy girl, and she’s been in our posts every week for at least the last month – ever since she cropped off her long hair. The three pictures here – two from Venice and one from the Toronto Film Festival – are a perfect example of how versatile a short haircut can be. 

Evan Rachel Wood, look 3
Going short hasn’t limited her in the least. She’s swept it to the side and worn it with a headband and smoky eyes, in a pompadour with lots of false eyelashes and a fuchsia mouth, and spike up under a bowler while wearing a manly suit. She knows how to play to her strengths, and she’s proven she has a real wardrobe for her hair!  
Keira Knightly
Keira Knightly, who also attended both festivals, won the “most amazing gown” award in the fashion press for her gold lace Valentino Couture in Venice, but we preferred her daytime hair: her precise angled bob worn down and straight. She has a great combination of hues in her hair that compliment her “English rose” complexion, and she’s sporting the heaviest brows of all the stars – a look she totally pulls off with her bone structure and penetrating dark eyes. 

Angelina Jolie
In Toronto, Angelina Jolie does what she does best: Looks fantastic. Sometimes her hair is a few shades lighter, a few shades darker; sometimes she emphasizes her uptilted eyes, sometimes she wears a strong color on her world-famous lips. You cannot argue with beauty – she always looks perfect.

Elizabeth Olsen
Also in Toronto, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s “little sister” Elizabeth has finally grown up. She started the promotional tour wearing sweet dresses, ballet flats, and light brown hair. But she showed up in Toronto a much more daring multi-tonal blonde, wearing a colorful dress, with a peek-a-boo cutout, and she’s stepped up her makeup to go with the dress and the new haircolor. I think we can safely say that Elizabeth Olsen has matured, and is ready to play it a bit sexy.  
Michelle Monaghan
Michelle Monaghan showed up in Toronto with a new red shade, a vast improvement over her one-dimensional chocolate brown. She also has a better cut, with the bangs a bit shorter and shaggier – and the combination of the two makes her eyes the focal point and brightens up her whole face. She’s been a good girl and changed her makeup to match her new haircolor, so brava, Michelle! 
Marisa Tomei
Finally, Marisa Tomei showed up in Toronto in a perfectly awful dress. She is one of those actors who is sometimes very striking, and not so much at others. This evening, it’s too much brown: her hair, her skin, and her lipstick. Her haircut is flattering and a good length for her, with the right tones and highlights, but everything is overwhelmed by the dress. The shoes are completely hot, though. She should have worn something that didn’t take over, and added a bright lip, and it would have turned the whole thing around.

Until next week, ciao!

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