Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Ladies of the EMMYS…and a Few Good Men

Sofia Vergara
Sarah Hyland
Overall, there wasn’t anything happening at the EMMYS that made us sit up and say, “wow!” except for a few of the dresses – but none of the hair. The same trends continue that we’ve seen since the beginning of the awards season in January – long and sideswept, shoulder-length texturized bobs, bangs, and some very short-and-sleek styles.

Nina Dobrev
Long and sideswept almost became “long and sideswept AND wearing red.” Sofia Vergara, Sarah Hyland, and Nina Dobrev wore all three elements the best, but they weren’t alone. All had beautifully healthy, shiny hair, with lots of tones and highlights that gave their various brunette shades plenty of dimension, and each wore a shade, from deep espresso to light chestnut, that suited her coloring. All three were definite winners.

Cat Deeley
Dancer and presenter Cat Deeley may be English, but she looked like the quintessential California Girl with her beachy blonde waves and high- and low-lights. There are lots of variations in the blonde on top and around her face, with darker tones peeking out from the back, but at one time a color like this would never have been acceptable – it would have been considered too brassy. It’s a nice, sexy, playful look, and it suits her.

Julie Bowen
Julie Bowen chose a very severe, center-parted ponytail – nothing terribly original – but with her plunging neckline and smoldering eye makeup, she looked just smashing. A perfect example of how simplicity can be very sexy.

Christina Hendricks
Let’s stop right here and make note that every woman mentioned in this blog has much heavier (yet exceedingly well-groomed) eyebrows than was popular even a year ago. Brows are as important to your look today as your hairstyle and makeup.

Aubrey Plaza
Now, the bobs. Bombshell Christina Hendricks has gone a bit shorter and her red is simply gorgeous, but I must admit that red has always been one of my very favorite hair colors. She is a master at matching her makeup to her hair and clothing, and that “come hither” smile, painted in just the right shade of red, just works. While most redheads shy away from red lipstick, she totally embraces it. 

Cobie Smulders
Aubrey Plaza’s and Cobie Smulders’ bobs are more texturized and casual, but they are more suited to their younger, more playful looks. Both chose a deep side part that accentuates the slight asymmetry of their bobs, which brings out their eyes and accentuates their bone structure. 

Lea Michele
Glee’s Lea Michele debuted bangs at the EMMYS, and she looks fantastic. Another “lady in red,” her shiny dark brunette color has plenty of dimensional shades, and it just looks healthy and silky. The bangs are the right amount of wisp and weight, and are just the right length to bring attention to her eyes. Great choice!

Evan Rachel Wood & Kate Winslet
Finally, short and sleek. Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Winslet starred together in the remake of Mildred Pierce, and their cuts are very similar as you can see from the photo of them together. 

Evan Rachel, short & slick
But Evan Rachel decided to show off her beautiful face with a slicked back look and a Twenties-style finger wave in the bangs. 

Kate, short & soft
Kate softened her look from the more severe pompadour we commented on at the Venice Film Festival, and instead let her bags wave softly across her forehead. With a strong brow and a deeper lipstick shade, she looks much prettier and more feminine. 

THE Mad Man, Jon Hamm
The Jimmys: Kimmel and Fallon
Despite the age difference, both have the kind of beauty it takes to get away with these short cuts, but remember that when you look at any celebrity, that look is a collage of things: the right hair cut and color, the hair styling, the makeup, the eyebrows – the whole package. That’s why those shots of them in the tabloids without makeup are often so shocking, and why people are fascinated by them. We’re used to our celebrities looking effortlessly beautiful. But it’s work – and their job!

Lest we forget the men, the Sixties look was on full display, thanks to the Mad Men influence – take a look at Jon Hamm, and Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon together on stage. Totally swinging. 

Until next week, ciao!

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