Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Top 10 Reasons NOT to Color Your Hair at Home

As a Board-Certified Master Haircolorist, I'm the one women call when they have a haircolor disaster that their regular stylist cannot fix. More often than not, the reason for the disaster is an ill-advised attempt at coloring their hair themselves at home, or allowing a friend to color it for them.

That's a video uploaded to YouTube titled "At Home Haircolor Horrors." It's been viewed over 32,000 times since it was posted just 10 days ago. 

haircolor disaster, orange & brown #1
When a home-haircolor victim arrives in my ER, not only does the color need correcting, but there is usually considerable damage to her hair. As the recession drags on, I'm seeing more of these victims than ever, but the lesson here is this:

haircolor disaster, orange & brown #2
Home hair color does not save money. In fact, it ends up being the most expensive haircolor one can have, because it inevitably necessitates a series of salon visits to correct the color and condition and reconstruct the hair.

Here's what some of my colleagues have to say on the matter:

haircolor disaster, brassy #1
“You wouldn't do your own dental work or give yourself a tattoo, so why would you think it's okay to do your own hair color?” John C. Simpson of Lewis Salon, Pittsburgh, PA

haircolor disaster, brassy #2
“You will end up spending so much more than just what you paid for that "box" color --you will easily spend ten times more to have it corrected by a professional.” Jesse Marcks of Hair Excellence, Sun Prairie, WI

“Don't believe what you see on TV; celebrities don't get color from a box. The majority of corrective color we do in the salon is correcting home haircolor disasters.” Tiffany Conway of CoCo Cheveux, Portland, ME

haircolor disaster, ashy & frizzy #1
“It's unpredictable! A professional colorist knows how to assess the other factors – starting level, grey coverage, texture, etc. It's like an address with no directions; how can you get to a destination if you don't know where you're starting?” Deborah Gavin of Fresh Studio, Philadelphia, PA

haircolor disaster, ashy & frizzy #2
“People think nothing of spending money on clothing or accessories they rarely wear; why wouldn't you put your hair as a priority as you wear it every day?” Marie Ferro of Marie's Hair Studio, Malibu, CA
“You can't talk to a box but you can talk to a professional. Where else do you get advice and beauty at one place and for one price?” Rona O’Connor of Lukaro, Beverly Hills, CA

haircolor disaster, oversaturated ends
“Too often, color done at home can jeopardize the integrity of your hair, leaving it dry and with an undesired end result ... and besides that ... who doesn't love a little attention from their hairdresser?” Jeff Taylor of Jenniffer & Co. Salon & Spa South, Mentor, OR

“With a creative eye, knowledge, and experience, a professional can create consistent and brilliant color results. A box bas no eye, no knowledge, and no experience; it's a dump-and-hope approach.” James Edick of ARROJO, NYC

haircolor disaster, damaged ends
“Overlapping applications create damage and lackluster hair. A professional colorist knows how to apply so the end result is always even and can create signature looks to suit the individual.” Rebecca Heile of Fresh Studio, Philadelphia, PA

So, if the thought of buying a box of haircolor at the drugstore or supermarket ever crosses your mind, remember that the actress or model whose gorgeous, healthy, shiny, multi-dimensional hair graces the front of the paid hundreds of dollars to one of the country’s top colorists to get that look; she didn’t get it from a box.

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Dr. Farmakis said...

That's right Dino! Hair is not something to cut corners with. That and cheap shoes! :)
Heather Farmakis

Dino Laudati, Board Certified Master Haircolorist said...

Great comparison! Both are so true!