Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Calling All Men! Women Want to Know What Hairstyles Turn You On…

We’re putting a call out to all our male readers to tell us what hairstyles and haircolors are sexy. Women sometimes get caught up in trends, or fall in love with a celebrity style or haircolor that she thinks is fabulous, but may never consider whether it is something that a man is going to find flattering, let alone sexy.

So, we’re asking you to share your opinions, for the education of our female followers. What turns you on, and just as importantly, what turns you off?

  • Do blondes really have more fun?
  • Do redheads really have more sex?
  • Are brunettes really smarter?
  • Can a woman with short hair be sexy?
  • Is there such thing as hair that is too long?
  • How do you feel about bangs?
  • Are wild hair colors sexy or a turn off?
  • What if her blonde hair has dark, visible roots?
  • What is sexier: Her hair up, or down?
  • What is sexier: Straight, smooth hair, or wavy, beachy curls?
  • What hairstyle or haircolor makes you do a double-take?

Tell us what the sexiest look is on a woman, and what the un-sexiest look is. Next week, we’ll share your answers!

To give you a hand, we've created a photo album on our Facebook page to give you some ideas to choose from, but you should feel free to Google pictures of your favorite celebrities who have the sexiest hair, and those whose hair is a big turn off. You can post them with your comments, or just provide us with the link to the picture, and we’ll grab the image for you. 

And don’t hold back! The ladies will thank you for your honesty.

Until next week, ciao…  

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