Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Celebrity Transformations: More Bounce, More Bangs, More Color

Salma Hayek
Ali Larter
Oh, to be a celebrity. Who else gets to change her look on a whim, be a stylist/colorist’s muse, or better yet, get PAID to change her looks for a role? They’re the hair chameleons that sell magazines, the ones whose pictures we tear out and run to our salon, begging, “make me look like this!”Or in the case of one of our favorite celebs featured here today, “if my hair comes out like this, I will never step foot in this salon again. Ever.”

Emily Blunt
Julianne Houghdd caption
The Bounce: Since our last “Cinderella Transformations” post, a surprising number of stars have cut off a collective couple of yards of hair – Ali Larter, Salma Hayek, Emily Blunt, Julianne Hough, Emma Roberts, and Selena Gomez, with half of them opting for the long bob, or “lob.”

Emma Roberts
Selena Gomez
Others who fall into our other categories have cut their hair shorter as well, but this is the group whose primary change was hair length, although Miss Gomez went right back to waist-length extensions just a week or two ago for the MTV Europe Music  Awards.  I think they all look wonderful, and their accompanying color changes (warm caramel highlights for Salma, some lowlights for Julianne and Emma, a deeper chestnut for Emily, and a slightly lighter brunette for Selena) are universally flattering.

Nicole Ritchie
Mila Kunis
The Bangs: Nicole Ritchie, Jenna Dewan, Rachel Weisz, and Mila Kunis jumped on the bang bandwagon, although Mila’s MAY be clip-ons added to her up-do for the Marine Corps Ball. 

Rachel Weisz
Jenna Dewan
Rachel and Nicole both cut some length from the bottom as well, with Nicole returning to her signature Bohemian eye-grazing fringes and Rachel opting for a wispier bang. Jenna cut long blunt bangs, and somehow ended up with longer hair – salon magic?

Kylie Minogue
The Color: The color changes were certainly drastic! Kylie Minogue went from decades sporting a variety of blonde shades to a deep reddish brown. By abandoning the “fake bake,” dying her brows the recommended shade darker than her new color, and changing her makeup colors, she handles the transformation well, and her skin looks almost translucent. Women of a certain age don’t often go darker (it can be too harsh), but she makes this work.

Kristen Wiig
Funny lady Kristen Wiig tends to prove that point; her bronze-y strands and amber highlights were much more flattering than her new one-dimensional espresso brown. Her old color warmed her skin and made her blue eyes sparkle.

Demi Lovato
Former Disney teen star Demi Lovato debuted her fiery red strands via Twitter , and it’s hard to judge between a heavily styled and made-up “before” picture and a very candid shot sans makeup. It would appear the shade works with her natural coloring, but we should probably reserve judgment until we see her in equivalent circumstances.

Drew Barrymore
And finally, we have the most puzzling transformation of all. The perfectly lovely and down-to-earth Drew Barrymore, Cover Girl Cosmetics’ “face,” is certainly known for her eclectic style and willingness to play around with her hair’s length and color, but this is inexplicable. I’m not even going to address whether it suits her skin tone or even name the shades, and whether she matched her brows or her makeup to her new look. It’s just awful, unflattering, and as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, any other woman would take one look in the mirror, burst into tears, and swear to “never step foot in this salon again. Ever.” Her red hair was beautiful. This is the first truly awful misstep we’ve seen from her, and I just hope Cover Girl has a clause in her contract that forces her to change it, or she’s cast in a role and is paid to.

Until next week, ciao!

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