Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bobbing for Color

Violet and Platinum bob
So, ladies, what do you think of these bobs? And if you had to choose one of these colors and cuts, which one would you pick?

Canary and Forest bob
Fellow Intercoiffeure members, TONY&GUY North America, recently honored their top stylists and colorists, and these colorful bobs were hands-down winners. The basic bob never really goes out of style, but the shapes change from season to season, and here they are expressed in different ways through color with emphasis on the bang in the front and color panels at the side of the face.

Burgundy and Rose bob
Apricot and Canary bob
These are haircolors you can have fun with, yet they look quite elegant at the same time. 

Notice the statement jewelry – these are easily transformed into head-turning evening looks. Believe me, the society photographers would all rush to snap your photo were you to wear one of these style-and-color combinations with haute couture.

Chocolate and russet bob
Plum and Rose bob
These variations on the bob offer different lengths and levels of movement, but all  provide you with versatility, from the shortest burgundy crop with long sideswept rose-tinted bangs, to a chin-length platinum bob with lavender bangs, to a rich chocolate graduated bob with a deep russet fringe. Express yourself with a whisper of color, or you can crank it up to a shout, or you can scream “I’m here, baby!”
Come to our Facebook page and tell us whether you’d try one of these color-and-cut combos. They’re totally on trend for fall, so perhaps it’s time to think about a major change. As we always remind you – you can always go back!

Until next week, ciao!

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