Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Tony Awards: When It’s THE HAIR That’s On Stage…

Christie Brinkley/WireImage
The 2011 Tony Awards are the highest honor in the Broadway community. Unlike the Academy Awards and other movie-related awards, the Tony Awards recognize a form of entertainment that is grueling, with actors performing two shows a day, multiple days per week, before a live audience, with all of their lines memorized and no multiple takes or editing together of the best performances. So, the award show tends to bring out the nominees and presenters in beautiful clothes, but it is a more casual atmosphere, and a nice break from heavy theatrical makeup and wigs  and costumes.

Alexa Ray Joel/WireImage
Which means that we did not see any elaborate, overdone hairstyles. Instead, we saw lots of shiny, healthy hair and beautiful color. One of the original “supermodels,” Christie Brinkley, looked radiant in a casually “undone” beehive up-do that artfully suggested an homage to the Sixties-era icon of sexiness, Brigitte Bardot, with her signature California beach blonde-on-blonde. She proves absolutely that you can look sexy near sixty without looking ridiculous. Taking care of yourself definitely pays.

Vanessa Redgrave/WireImage
And it was nice to see her accompanied by her daughter Alexa Ray Joel, who is a study in contrasts with her mother’s coloring -- deep-set hazel eyes and shiny espresso brown chignon. Her hair is glossy and healthy, and offsets her pale complexion beautifully.

Brooke Shields/WireImage
The gloriously elegant Vanessa Redgrave was disappointing. We loved her silver tuxedo, but her severely slicked back silver hair was too simple. I would have preferred seeing her wear it looser, with a bit of dimensional color to add subtle variation and bring some color to her complexion.

Annabella Sciorra/WireImage
Brooke Shields Grecian curls were a refreshing style change, and worked beautifully with her gown, but I would have chosen a side part. The center part elongates her already long face and neck, and the side part would have been more flattering and softened the edges.  

Marg Helgenberger/WireImage
Anabella Sciorra, Marg Helgenberger, and Edie Falco all wore their hair long and loose, with 
 Ms. Falco opting for a slightly backcombed, modified “Jackie-O” bouffant. 

Edie Falco/WireImage
The overall feeling of the night was healthy, groomed, conditioned, and shiny hair, beautifully colored, and casually styled. 

Al Pacino/WireImage
Special occasion hair doesn’t have to be elaborate; it has to be beautiful and make you feel confident.

And if you’re feeling REALLY confident, you can always choose to “style” – and we use this term loosely -- your hair like the amazingly talented Mr. Al Pacino.

Until next week…ciao!

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