Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MTV Movie Awards: It’s the Total Package That Counts

Emma Stone
Cameron Diaz
When it comes to award shows, the MTV Movie Awards are pretty much the opposite of the Academy Awards – and rightfully so. The Oscars are never going to have a category for “Best Onscreen Kiss” or “Best Fight Scene.” So it is to be expected that the show’s attendees, nominees, presenters, and hosts are going to choose more casual and playful looks.  

“Best Comedic Performer” winner Emma Stone is back to being a redhead after dabbling in the platinum blonde pool, and we think it suits her better, bringing out her gorgeous blue eyes.

Kristen Stewart
Emma, like presenter Cameron Diaz, “Best Female Performance” winner Kristen Stewart, and “MTV Generation Award” winner Reese Witherspoon all wore casual, beachy waves that complimented their short designer frocks and, in Ms. Diaz’s case, a black romper and miles of leg.

Reese Witherspoon
What makes these “just rolled out of bed” styles work for special events is the makeup. You can tell that no matter how “undone” the hair looks at this event, EVERYONE had her makeup done.

Makeup is like flowers in that it is colorful, and each color adds dimension. With makeup, color brings out different features, the same way that when you walk into residence and see a bouquet of beautiful flowers, your eye goes right to it. 

Selena Gomez
Makeup is the same way, a bunch of pastel and bright colors together composed of the lipstick, the rouge, the mascara and eye makeup. It’s a bouquet of flowers on the face. Makeup makes the face the focal point, so as long as the hair looks healthy – even if it isn’t perfect – the overall look is good. Color is makeup for the hair, and all of these women sport makeup for the hair, and needed the makeup for the face as well to look appropriately hot for an award show red carpet. 

Bryce Dallas Howard
You can prove it to yourself: Take a picture of yourself with your hair styled but without any makeup on, then with a little makeup, then full makeup, and you’ll see a huge difference. The makeup makes the emphasis. You can go out and see a woman with a really great hairstyle and killer color but without makeup, and she just doesn’t look as good as she could (unless she’s a 21-year-old model). Sometimes lipstick and blush are enough, or a little mascara. We need to emphasize what we have.

Hailee Steinfeld
Reese Witherspoon’s hair is just “okay, but it’s not something you’d go out with on a fancy night, unless you add the right makeup, a pretty dress, and a big smile -- then it works.

Selena Gomez’s hair is just a half-updo with more extensions and a little curl, but without makeup it wouldn’t turn any heads, nor would the half-updo worn by “Best Fight Winner” Bryce Dallas Howard. When it comes to big events, the more casual the look, the more makeup you need to look “finished.”

Emma Watson
Hailee Steinfeld’s sharp tuxedo and long, straight hair are fine, but add in that pop of bright red lipstick, and it’s simply perfect. Emma Watson’s bright coral lips and smoky eyes look amazing paired with her pixie combed flat, swept aside and tucked behind her ears.
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis’ hair is just ironed flat and center-parted, nothing you couldn’t achieve on your own at home, but what makes the look is the makeup and the clothes. It all has to go together. There weren’t any hairstyles at the MTV Movie Awards that my clients are going to bring into the salon and say, “Dino, make me look like THIS.” Maybe some of the hair colors, though.

Without the addition of the right outfit and great makeup to make it a complete look, the overall look of the hair that night was “You can do this at home.” It really is all about the total package, whether you’re a minimalist with mascara and lipgloss, or you go all out with a full face of colorful makeup, it’s all a “look” that tells people, “this woman cares for herself, and knows all eyes will be on her.” If you think “hot” while you’re getting ready, you’ll get hot.

Until next week…ciao!  

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