Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There IS One Way You Can Look Like a Celebrity…Hair Extensions!

Katie Holmes at the "grow out" stage.
Katie Holmes' shiny, sexy  long extensions.
At least once a day, someone walks into my salon with a picture of a celebrity in hand, asking if I can help her have “HER” hair. And more than half of the time, what I am shown is a picture of a celebrity with hair extensions. That actually makes for a happy answer, because with hair extensions, I really CAN make a client look like a celebrity! A few hours in my chair, and anyone will leave with longer, thicker, glamorous sexy hair.

Look at the lovely Katie Holmes, who bobbed her hair for a movie role and kept it short for quite some time, and was sporting a bit of a "mullet" during the grow-out stage. But she and other celebrities have the option of skipping the “awkward stages” of growing out a short cut with human hair extensions – and you can, too. Not only is Katie’s hair longer, it’s thicker and shinier.  

Eva Longoria's extension also look healthy and shiny.
At D Laudati Salon, I and my experienced stylists are certified in the three newest advancements in human hair extensions: hot fusion (keratin bond), cold fusion (metal beads), and multiple-strand applications. We also offer clip in hair extensions, which is what Eva Longoria has been using while she grows out her chin-length bob. This can be fun option, since growing out a bob has fewer – if any -- awkward stages, and you can play hairstyle chameleon.

No matter what your hair texture or color, we will provide you with the perfect match in the highest-quality human hair. 

Ashley Greene treats her extensions just like her own hair
Since Ashley Greene went from “bob” to “big, beautiful hair,” she’s changed her hair color more than once, added highlights, and treated those extensions just as if they were her own hair. 

Forget the horror stories about losing your hair and the paparazzi shots of celebs with their exposed extensions growing out badly. Our techniques will not damage your own hair, and styles last for several months with proper home maintenance and salon follow-up. That’s key to keeping your extensions beautiful.
Selena Gomez, from ingenue cool to movie-star hot
Selena Gomez went from cool to hot with her long extensions and deep, espresso tones and lowlights. Her hair looks like chocolaty silk. You can achieve in one afternoon what would take YEARS to accomplish before the advent of hair extensions. We also carry a complete line of shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and hair brushes made especially for extensions and their maintenance. 

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