Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prom Up-Dos – and Don’ts!

Emmy Rossum's touchable updo
Kim Kardashian's tousled up-do
We have had so many young ladies in the salon recently for consults on their prom hairstyle that it seemed a natural to talk about it with everyone. Of course, hairstyle, haircolor, and makeup are dictated by that perfect prom dress you so diligently hunted down – some of my clients bought their prom dresses in January to grab up the best gowns from the holiday and social seasons. 

Emma Roberts artfully messy up-do
Dianna Agron's casually artful up-do
Whether you have chosen something sleek and sophisticated, something embellished and statement-y, a bold color, or something in a more demure shade, there is one thing that is universally guaranteed to make you look fabulous: a messy, touchable, sensuous up-do.

Emma Stone's boho up-do
Jennifer Lawrence's tousled chignon
An up-do frames your face, lifts your hair above your dress, and is so versatile that it works with hair of any length, texture, and color. 

And a great stylist can achieve this artfully disheveled look while giving it the foundation to last all night with the use of the right products and plenty of hairpins. 
Blake Lively's beachy up-do
Anna Paquin rocks the half up-do
Look at these celebrity up-dos – the range of face shape, hair color, hair length, hair texture – that compliment their outfit, and create a perfect frame for statement makeup.

I like to see the dress on my client when I design her up-do, because I think that on the one hand, contrast can be playful and beautiful; on the other hand, an up-do can match the “vibe” of the dress and achieve a total look. 

Katie Cassidy -- an "up-don't"
No matter whether your gown looks vintage or is literally “right of the runway,” there are up-dos that are too severe to look appropriate at your age. 

Sienna Miller's too-tight up-do
Look at these three up-dos.

They make these otherwise beautiful women look like their mothers – or grandmothers! 

Even Kim Kardashian has fallen victim to an "up-don't"
They just won’t do for the most memorable night of your young life. Your prom is “The Oscars” of your high school career, and we want to treat it that way!

Until next week…  

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