Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Red Hot at the Grammys

As a Master Haircolorist, I have to admit a certain bias – red hair has always been my favorite. There weren’t many surprises at the 2011 GRAMMY Awards, but I noticed a trend there that we’re sure to be seeing in the months to come: red hair. 

Red hair, whether orange, copper, violet, crimson, strawberry, auburn, or aubergine, red stands for confidence and reflects individuality and uniqueness. And it shouts out loud one’s presence.

Nicole Kidman/
Rhianna was an absolute “Red Delight” in her new bob and multi-faceted red shade. It brought out the caramel tones in her skin, and she fabulously matched her makeup and lipstick to the tones in her hair. Brava!

Anna Nalick/
“Red Delicious” is how I’d describe the welcome change back to her signature red by Nicole Kidman. Although this still shot is misleading, the live broadcast showed her hair to be a gorgeous strawberry blond.  For too long, she’s been a pale imitation of herself. It was fantastic to see how gorgeously complimentary her natural shade is with her alabaster skin and freckles. Absolutely fabulous.  

Singer Anna Nalick’s “Red-bellious” crop is a deep auburn with cool undertones. I like that she wore her bob in feminine curls, a nice counterpoint to her goth eye-makeup and spikey dress. 

Florence Welch/
Another “Red-bellious” redhead is Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine. Her bright coppery strands were a great juxtaposition between a smooth bang and wavy, tousled lengths. She’s another whose pale skin works so well with her chosen shade, and brightens her blue eyes.

Hayley Williams/
The one redhead I call “Red-iculous” is Hayley Williams of Paramore. Her too-short bangs and crimson/orange hair are meant to be as unnatural-looking as possible, but it clashed badly with the hot pink skirt of her dress. Also, the matching hair, brows, and lipstick just weren’t flattering. She’s looked much prettier is the same shade with a longer shag cut and makeup that plays up her translucent fair skin. 

When you ask your haircolorist, he or she can give you the right red hair for your complexion and coloring, but you have to bring all the attitude. Only 1% of the world’s population is natural redheads, so if it weren’t for the colorist, red hair might simply disappear. Go red, and see what happens. I guarantee you won’t want for attention!

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