Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Pixie: Not Just for Little Girls

Emma Watson/
Some very high-profile celebrities recently began sporting the pixie haircut, most famously Emma Watson, who after so many years of maintaining long, curly hair for the “Harry Potter” films, celebrated the end of her run as Hermione by shearing off her hair. I love this look on her because it accentuates her delicate features and is a great look for her face shape.

Halle Berry/
The pixie that has been around longest is that of Halle Berry. Although she has grown it out a number of times, she always comes back to this extremely sexy look, with movement and length at the top that she can play with. Molto bella!

Jessica Stroup/
Actor Jessica Stroup recently debuted a longer version of the pixie, versatile yet sexy.

Carey Mulligan/
Carey Mulligan’s pixie has grown out a bit, into almost a short bob with a pixie touch. Once again, she shows how versatile a pixie can be by pushing the hair back or forward. 

Karmen Cass/
Model Carmen Cass debuted a nice long version of the pixie: casual, carefree and sexy. After so many years of long blonde hair, she must feel very free.

Michelle Williams/
Academy-award nominee Michelle Williams wears her baby-blond pixie with longer bangs, and it’s a lovely look on her. She’s made the short cut look so versatile, parting it on the side, sweeping it back, and sometimes leaving her bangs down and using some pomade to “pixie out” the bangs.

Any one of these pixie looks, even though they’re short, can look vastly different through the use of pomades and structurizing creams. These beautiful women can wear it away from the face, sweep the bangs to the side for a softer look, or accentuate the cut’s sharp lines by tousling it up. Don’t fear short hair, ladies -- it can be more versatile than long hair!

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