Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The People We Loved at 'The People’s Choice Awards'

Last week’s People’s Choice Awards show heralded the beginning of the 2011 award season, which we all know culminates in that golden object of desire, The Oscars. I am an avid watcher of all the award shows, because within days of each show, someone always comes to my salon asking for a style or cut like the one they saw the evening before.
What I saw at The People’s Choice Awards were two extremes: up-dos, and long flowing tresses. From the severely sophisticated up-do of Queen Latifah and Kaley Cuoco to the looser, more lived-in up-do of Natalie Portman, Ashley Tisdale, Nikkie Taylor and Taylor Swift, they looked amazing.
Long, sexy hair won the day though, with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Anniston, Cat Deely and Kristin Stewart all tossing about shiny, loose waves.
Here are my five favorite looks from this year’s People’s Choice Awards:
Khloe Kardashian/
Khloe Kardashian
The big fashion statement of the night!  I love red hair!  It's sexy and exciting.  Khloe looks great with red hair, and the shade compliments her complexion beautifully.  She could also go darker red and look even more dramatic.  No one will have trouble distinguishing her from her sisters now. 
Khourtney Kardashian/
 Khourtney Kardashian
This side-swept long hair style is soft and sexy and so reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.  Definitely a Red Carpet look. I love the rich chocolate color and the fact that her hair is lush and shiny, and in great condition.  
Kim Kardashian/
Kim Kardashian
Kim is always beautiful and polished from head to toe. Her hair is always perfectly coiffed and classically styled, like this chic up-do. Her fashion sense and confidence are apparent; she knows what looks great and is never tempted to experiment with fads that so often land other celebrities with no fashion sense on the Fashion Police Repeat Offender list. 
Selena Gomez/
 Selena Gomez
It's great to see that so many members of young Hollywood are displaying style, grace, and fashion sense beyond their years.  Selena Gomez' hair is soft, romantic, and timeless. The style compliments the slim silhouette and softness of her two gowns.
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 Mila Kunis
This is straight hair as it should be -- precisely cut, mirror shiny, swingy, and in great condition. While so many of the styles at the People's Choice Awards were long and messy or up and messy, Mila really stood out by being perfectly coiffed. With bangs (see my last blog post!), this style would be even hotter and more dramatic.
So, I await the clients who will come in this week asking for Kim’s up-do or Khloe’s new red shade. Assolutamente belle!

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