Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back to Sexy

Johnny Depp/
Gerard Butler and Gina Gershon/
After years of men sporting short, easy-to-maintain hair, long hair is making a comeback – and none too soon, if you ask most women. Longer hair represents romance and a sexy attitude. It also tells a woman that a man cares enough about her to put a little extra time and effort into looking great and changing up his look to keep it interesting. And nothing gives a man that “Bad Boy” look that women find irresistible more than long hair and a bit of facial hair. 

Tom Brady/
I say “short hair is for men, but long hair is for the women.” They like to run their fingers through a man’s hair, and long hair feels softer and more sensual.  I don’t think it’s any coincidence that a clean-cut Tom Brady grew his hair long after marrying Brazilian supermodel Giselle.  

Bradley Cooper/
As you can see, long hair is happening on the silver screen, on the sports field, on the runway, and of course, on musicians. I am even seeing teenagers with long, almost Seventies-style hair.

Robert Pattinson/
Long hair offers you more options; you can add color or highlights, slick it back for formal events, create beach-y waves, change your part, and create different textures with products.

So, from teenagers to adults of all ages, the trend to longer hair for men is here again.

Ashton Kutcher/
We fell into a comfort zone with no-effort short hair, but now it’s time to place a little more emphasis on making an effort to have the kind of hair that drives women wild.

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