Sunday, January 24, 2010

When Price Isn't the Most Important Factor

Most hairstylists who color hair do a formulation the first time they color a client and then use the same formula on the roots every time that client returns for a "touch up." They usually apply the color only to the new growth at the root area and ignore the rest of the hair. Even if they do occasionally pull the color through to the ends, they use the same color they used on the roots. This gives a very poor result and makes the hair dryer and duller with each visit, as the outgrowth is more porous and more fragile than the new growth at the roots.

In contrast, a good haircolorist will do a new consultation every time a client returns to the salon. This is necessary for a number of reasons. The colorist must periodically make necessary adjustments to improve the color and condition of the hair, to lighten or deepen the tone according to a change of season, and or to change the color in accordance with the client's desire for a different look.

A knowledeable and experienced colorist touches up the root area with one formula
and then uses a second non-peroxide, no-ammonia color formula to "refresh" the rest of the hair, adding depth of color and shine. This technique also helps the color last longer.

The extra time and product cost involved in this method used by the best colorists
may mean you'll pay a little more than you would at an average salon, but the superior results are well worth it. Aren't you worth it?

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