Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How well do you know Dino Laudati?

Dino Laudati is an artist, educator and master of his trade.

As a salon owner in the Palm Beaches for over 30 years, Dino continues to bring the highest quality service in the area to his clientele. He is not your typical salon owner nor is he your typical haircolorist. Dino stands out. What makes Dino Laudati continue to forge ahead in his field with resilient passion in these hard economic times? When speaking with Dino you will immediately know the answer, his passion for hair. He received the "Master of the Craft" award from the Art & Fashion Group and is also consistently expanding his portfolio of certifications and memberships.

Dino Laudati has continued his self-directed path as an entrepreneur to grow not only his business, but to give his clientele the very best. “Continuing education and staying connected in your field is essential to being at the cutting edge,” said Dino Laudati. With insight beyond the typical haircolorist his repertoire of certifications and memberships come at no surprise. A member of the international organization, Intercoiffure and a Board Certified Master Hair colorist, ( one of only 420 in the United States) Dino continues to build upon his repertoire of established memberships and certifications. He is currently a member of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, International Association of Certified Haircolorists, International Hair Color Exchange and the Professional Beauty Association.

His work has appeared on the covers of Palm Beach Illustrated, Palm Beach Life and Vive magazines, as well as in numerous hairstyling books and magazines. His clients have included Jane Seymour, William Devane, Valerie Harper, Judd Nelson, Ann Meara, Anne Jackson, Bea Arthur, Beverly Sills, and Soprano stars Dominic Chianese and Steve Schirripa.

Dino’s drive for perfection on behalf of his clients, his personal pursuit for continued growth, and inherent business sense have all impelled him for success.

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