Friday, December 23, 2011

Attention Getters: If You Want It, You Got it!

Jessie J.
We live in a world where anything goes, and we have the luxury of freedom of speech, freedom of art – and in this case, we may be seeing a little bit of both in these two-toned hair colors. They’re all attitude and a reflection of the personality behind the look. They say, “If you like how I look, great; if not, too bad.” These ladies are not trying to please anyone except themselves – that’s it for them. It takes a strong attitude and sometimes a thick skin to make choices that will polarize people’s opinions. These are not hair colors just anyone can wear, which is why the majority of these women are musicians. The majority of us have careers that would not allow us to show up with this hair – we’d be escorted from the building with our personal coffee mug and few family snaps in a sad cardboard box.

Porcelain Black
Here’s something to notice about such drastic contrasts. Look at the photo of Porcelain Black and notice whether her makeup works with the white AND black sides of her hair. Also, each color enhances or camouflages her features, particularly her nose -- probably not something anyone considered when processing her hair. 

Sharni Vinson
With Sharni Vinson, the red-tipped ponytail is definitely a hairpiece, and that’s a very good place to start if you’re considering a drastic color change like those in this blog post. By trying on a hairpiece for a day or two that replicates the look you are considering, you give yourself the chance to make a better informed decision. Try it at home, show it to your significant other and your friends, and get their reactions. If they’re overwhelmingly negative, have another think. 

Jordin Sparks
Oh Land
These accent dyes, like Jessie J’s vivid purple, Jordin Sparks bright lavender, Oh Land’s strawberry pink, and Katy Perry’s former hot pink are very hard to remove (as you can see from the remains still left in Katy’s hair). 

Katy Perry
By using clip-in hairpieces or colored extensions, you can live with it and decide if it’s something you really want to commit to, and if so, then you can have it done. 

But know that the maintenance is tremendous, and the colors fade fairly quickly, so you’ll be in the salon often, and you’ll also have to invest in the right shampoos and conditioners to maintain the color as best you can. Another consideration is that these colors will bleed the same as any haircolor will. Expect to see that pink or purple on your towels and pillowcases after every washing, and if you get caught in the rain in a white shirt, your hair will bleed onto it as well.

Peaches Geldof
Demetria McKinney
Some of these ladies, like Peaches Geldof, Demetria McKinney, and Daphne Guinness haven’t the same concern, as their second color was created by lightening or heavily bleaching their base color. 

Daphne Guinness
They’ll have an easier time making the switch back should they change their minds, since no color removal is involved, but their upkeep is still going to be a major investment. And Porcelain Black, whose original color was probably neither platinum blonde nor coal black, will spend many hours in her colorist’s chair removing the black without damage while protecting her already fragile bleached hair from further stress.

Either way, drastic two-toned hair color is a way to make a statement and get attention. Just be ready for the stares!

Have a wonderful holiday, and ciao until next week…   

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