Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Many Stylings of Brad Pitt, or It’s OK to Change Your Look…

With just a bit more facial hair...
Brad Pitt: The Golden Movie Star Years
Brad Pitt is a chameleon when it comes to his hair – both his facial hair and that on his head. Granted, he often is required to do so for movie roles, but a retrospective of the many stylings of Brad shows that he also does so for himself. 

I think this is the perfect opportunity for us to encourage our male readers that it is OK to make changes – there’s nothing to be afraid of. Brad Pitt will get to look back and remember all of his different hair personas, but what about you? 

Darker, with goatee
At his blondest, and more bearded
Hair is the perfect thing to experiment with because you can always go back. As you can see from Mr. Pitt, you can experiment with a variety of personalities, and then look back at some point and be happy that you didn’t look the same for all those years.

Long and clean shaven
Hair shorn, with a hint of facial hair
The great thing about changing your hair is that it’s not a big investment; it’s not a car or a house, and it’s a quick change. You might like it, and prove to yourself that change can be good. We experience it every day in the salon; when someone does make a change, the reactions are almost always on the positive side: “Wow, you look great! What did you do?” Whether it’s a new cut or haircolor or highlights, whether you add a mustache or a goatee – almost any facial hair – the reaction if someone hasn’t seen you for a while is invariably positive.

Blonde again, and beardless
At Cannes this year, au natural
I myself am always changing, either my facial hair or I’m cutting my hair, letting it grow; it’s good to be different in life, it’s good to experiment. Be daring, be experimental, change your hair, and look for the reaction. And as I said, it’s not something you can’t change back to its natural way. So take a chance, buddy. And if you come into the salon for a change, we’ll do before-and-after pictures so you can look back at your transformations, just like Brad Pitt.

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