Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Only Celebrities Can Get Away with Bad Hair Days

Kylie Minogue
Taylor Swift
For many celebrities, award shows are when they have the license to show their own taste, since many actors and artists are playing roles and having their hair, makeup, and clothing dictated by directors, producers, photographers, stylists, and so on. That’s the reason the Red Carpet makes for such GREAT television – because stars don’t always have the greatest taste when left to their own devices.

Selena Gomez
At this year’s Billboard Music Awards, we saw what could only be described as a lot of “ho-hum” when it came to hair. Kylie Minogue, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez wore the same styles they’ve worn to every public appearance in the last year. They all look quite beautiful and well-groomed. They just don’t look exciting or adventurous – but in real life, most of our clients feel the same way. When they get ready for a big event, they don’t want something different and daring. They want to look their very best, and for them that is the look they’ve cultivated and honed with our help.

Not so ho-hum? On the “THAT could have been better” side, we had Fergie, who managed to make hours spent in the stylist’s chair look like minutes. Her roots desperately needed a touch up, she seems to have removed some of the extensions and moved back to a blonder shade, but it seemed more a lesson in how to make an expensive trip to the salon look inexpensive. While Fergie claims to be a natural blonde, her idea of blonde is still  too dark to go without regular (every 2 weeks) touch ups when the rest of her hair is this light. Maybe it’s time she tried red hair?

Mary J. Blige
One of our perennial favorites, Mary J. Blige, fell into this category as well. We’ve always loved her colorist’s genius at keeping her a multi-tonal blonde, but the deep, heavy fringe and high “Genie” ponytail didn’t do Ms. Blige any justice. However, it must be said she got behind the look anyway, pairing it with a leopard-print gown and strutting her stuff. So, points for that – confidence and attitude can even overcome a bad hair day.

Confidence and attitude aplenty could not save Kesha, in our opinion. Topping off a truly hideous dress, the boundary-pushing singer sported hair that could generously be termed “bedhead” but that might be insulting beds. Her roots are brassy, her ends are fried and dead, there’s no way she could even have run her fingers through it, there was some random crimping, and the rest just defies description. Other women would have cried when a stylist unveiled this look.

Bret Michaels
Then, we come to the whole idea of how wonderful a hat is to make the best of a bad hair day. And if that is the case, Bret Michaels suffers from 365 bad hair days per year, every year. We actually love this hat, but between the bandanas and the hats, does anyone believe Brett has a full head of hair? We think perhaps, at age 48, it’s time to face the inevitable. He’s faced so much else in his life – we’re still going to respect him, and maybe even more so when he dumps the affectation and comes clean. Bret is still young enough to get great results in stopping hair loss and re-growing healthy hair by starting a multi-therapeutic program of DHT-blocking, nutrient-rich supplements; topical DHT-blocking products; Minoxidil and low-level laser therapy.  As a certified hair loss consultant whose salon is an approved clinic of Hair Loss Control Clinics, I have seen the dramatic results achieved with this technology.  It's a shame that not even celebrities seem to know about this technology, which is FDA-proven to re-grow hair. 

The ever-fierce Beyonce
Now, for the “she’s having a FAB hair day”: Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, and Rhianna. After so many events at which she either wore her hair up or smoothed straight, it was great to see Beyonce’s fierce highlighted curls spring wild. She looked every inch “Sasha Fierce.”

Nicole Kidman captures "casually sexy"
We adored seeing Nicole Kidman and her side-braid, after so many years of very mannered and overdone looks, appearing so relaxed, red-headed, and beautifully casual. She is the perfect example of how a simple hairdo and a beautiful dress can combine to look just plain sexy. 

The smoking hot Rhianna
And finally, we have the smoking, red-hot Rhianna. Her tousled, cherry-red bob and bright-white menswear suit literally dropped jaws. Even covered head to toe, she is one of the most compelling, mesmerizing women we’ve ever seen. Few people can pull off a color this bold and intense, and yet it never overshadows her delicate features and beautiful skin. And when she changed into that white leotard-and-leather-harness to perform… 

Well, until next week – ciao!   

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