Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is It Time For You To Find Out If Blondes Really DO Have More Fun?

Kate Winslet: Ultra-Blonde
Michelle Williams: Platinum Pixie
If you want to have a “blonde moment,” spring and summer is the perfect time. The question “do blondes have more fun?” can be answered simply: Only if it’s a great blonde. 

There's the double-processed platinum blonde like Kate Winslet’s amazing new color and cut, or Michelle Williams angelic platinum pixie. 

There's the buttery gorgeous golden blonde like January Jones, Claire Danes, and Sienna Miller.  
Golden Girl, Sienna Miller

There are  the combination highlighted blonde tones like Emma Stone, Diane Sawyer, and Naomi Watts. 

January Jones' Golden Blonde
Whether the cool, ladylike ash blonde of Kate Bosworth and Diane Krueger; or any other blonde, nothing turns heads more than glamorous, gorgeous, shiny, healthy blonde hair. 
Claire Danes' Sunny Strands

Emma Stone, new member of the Blonde Brigade
A golden blonde can be achieved with a single process if your natural color is light enough; naturally dark and grey hair will require a double process.  

Diane Sawyer, Perennial Blonde
Naomi Watts, Multi-Toned Blonde
What I work to achieve when I take a client blonde is richness in the various multi-dimensional array of blonde tones, which must work with her natural skin tone. Certain shades work with certain skin colors, and going the “wrong blonde” creates disharmony, makes you look washed out, sallow, or just tired, and the eye perceives that it is unnatural even if you don’t really understand why. 

Kate Bosworth, Park Avenue Blonde
Diane Krueger, Cool Blonde
For those of you who are prepared to take the plunge, a combination of highlights and lowlights will put a splash of blonde into your life. So, for the upcoming warmer months, take a chance and walk on the blonde side – but remember, you need plenty of attitude to carry it off. Are YOU ready? 

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Ashley said...

Thank you for the tips about blonde hair! I need something to show the stylist at the salon and now I have some decent references:) xx