Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Bold & the Beautiful: This Season’s Haircolor

Ashley Olsen and Jessica Biel reveal new haircolors. 
It made beauty news when both Ashley Olsen and Jessica Biel went from their trademark blonde-with-highlights hairstyles to brunette. Like many other celebrities, both of these actors are quick-change artists when it comes to their tresses and have been a variety of shades from pale blonde to these new shades of brown – a warm brown with reddish tones for Ms. Olsen, and a cool espresso brown for Ms. Biel. The drastic changes for both of these actresses are part of the latest hair color fashion trend – take it bold. As a Board Certified Master Haircolorist, I have the education and experience to help you choose a vibrant new color, while keeping your hair in the best condition possible. Here are some examples of this statement-making trend…

Naomi Watts/
The inspiration: Actress Naomi Watts
The palette:
The typical striped and symmetrical highlights are nowhere to be seen this season. Instead, I’m working with the entire base shade, then adding a very few highlights in places they would fall naturally, and giving the whole head of hair a translucent glaze for shine, condition, and to really make the chosen color pop against the deep fall/winter clothing colors. Think butterscotch, golden rum, or buttercup in the warm family, or a cool Grace Kelly ash blonde, champagne, or Sahara sand.  

Lea Michele/
The inspiration: Actress Lea Michele of Glee
The palette:
The range of brunette colors is really amazing and gorgeous, everything from luscious mink to the deepest espresso. We’ll choose a color based on your skin tone’s warmth or coolness, and how many shades deeper you can go while looking natural and rich, rich, rich.   

Christina Hendricks/
The inspiration: The year’s hottest redhead, Christina Hendricks of Mad Men
The palette:
It seems Christina Hendricks has single-handedly reignited a number of trends since exploding to fame this year: fabulous womanly curves, and brazenly red hair. Her hair is the perfect example of the reds we’re looking at for this season: fiery, rich, and with a glorious amount of shine. I will make sure your red is vivid and multi-dimensional, not the often flat reds you see from home hair color. And imagine how this shade will look against your fall and winter clothes and their deep/neutral palette!  

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