Thursday, October 29, 2009


You step out of the salon feeling revived and ready to conquer the world. You want to keep this feeling forever --- not to mention the look and depth of your new exciting color. Before you lose that great feeling and color don’t fret. You can keep looking and feeling sensational with these few quick tips:

Protect your hair: If your going to be out in the sun, always wear a hat to protect the life of your color and the condition of your hair.

Don’t over wash: Most people are very active these days which will contribute to over-washing your hair. If you feel that you must wash your hair every day, opt instead to wash and condition one day, and then just rinse and condition for the next day or two. This method will help prevent the hair from drying out quite as much. My best recommendation to all my clients is to wash only once a week. If you over wash your hair it not only fades the color, but it will cause it to dry out and upset the PH of the hair.

Try a glaze between color: Another Idea to extend the life and shimmer of your new color is to try a glaze. Hair glazes, which come in either clear or colored versions, add brilliant shine to existing color. It will help to seal color and prevent the dull look that we all dread between trips to the salon.

Use quality Products: Using a quality shampoo and conditioner that is created to lock in color will make a huge difference in the health and look of your hair. I recommend trying D. Laudati’s “Delizioso ” shampoo and conditioner which is perfectly PH balanced and also contains UVA protection -- or Aquage’s “Color Protecting” shampoo and conditioner which contains marine extracts. These products not only help to enhance the condition of your hair but help to maintain a healthy shine.

Most people have the opinion that color-treated hair takes too much effort or special treatment to keep it looking fresh. However, simply washing your hair less often and using quality products will keep that salon fresh look and excitement just a little longer.

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