Friday, May 1, 2009

How to Find a Good Haircolorist

If your hairstylist is coloring your hair, you probably already know that what you really need is a haircolorist.

In Europe, one becomes a hairdresser by becoming an apprentice in an established salon and mentoring under those with experience for perhaps two to three years before being allowed to perform services on clients. In the U. S. however, to become a hairdresser one must atttend a cosmetology school for a certain number of hours which varies from state to state. (In Florida, it's 1200 hours.) Anyone who pays their tuition, completes the required courses, and passes the State exam receives a license which allows them to cut, style, color and chemically process hair with less than a year's experience, most of which is theory rather than practical experience.

So what distinguishes a competent haircolorist from a licensed hairstylist? Continued education.

When looking for a haircolorist then, years behind the chair means nothing. Hours of advanced education outside of the salon is what is important. So how do you find someone who has invested time and money in ongoing, continuing advanced education in hair color?

Schedule a color consultation at a recommended salon. Most salons offer this as a free service; some charge for the consultation but apply the full amount to your service. The consultation is your chance to interview your potential new colorist and ask important questions.

More on this in my next blog.

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